About me & For us

About Me

Shen Wu, Owner.

Shen arrived in Winnipeg in 2012 from Nanjing, China.  In 2013, she obtained her certificate in Professional Baking & Patisserie from Red River College.  After an internship at Stella's and employment at Fort Garry Hotel for three and half years, Shen decided to go back to her hometown in China in search for inspiration and new flavors.  After 9 months of traveling and exploring China, Shen came back to Winnipeg and worked at a French Bakery called La Belle Baguette for just under two years.  With her Chinese heritage and Canadian experience, Shen decided to do something different by combining Western and Eastern culture together.

For Us

A special experience for all of us to share. 

A love for life and family that keeps us all connected.

A balance of Asian flavor and French pastry, creating a unique and exciting twist on your favorite classics. 

"I want to transfer love through my desserts. This is the core meaning of for us.  I hope my desserts can spread enough love to connect us all together, whether it be for individuals, families, couples, or even a community.  I hope the next time you open a cake box, you experience the same joy and warmth my desserts have brought to me and my family. 

For us was made for you."

-Shen Wu

Open Hours & Address

Monday Closed

Tuesday - Friday 11.30-6.30

Saturday 11.30-6

Sunday 12.30-5.30

1111 Henderson Hwy, Winnipeg, MB

Contact us at 204-334-8880 or email us at forusbakerywinnipeg@gmail.com if you have any questions!